The International Conference on Integration of Renewable Energy into National Grid was held on 16th August 2017 in Hotel Galadari with the participation of Dr B.M.S Batagoda, Secretary to Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy and Keynote speaker. Renewable energy applications such as wind and solar have grown significantly in the last decade and many believe that significant reductions in carbon emissions require continued expansion of their capacity. With the declining cost of wind and solar energy, the production of electrical energy from them has become more viable in the recent past. However integration of renewable energy sources into the national grid is not without its engineering and economic challenges. Wind and solar production are both variable and uncertain, and grid system operators need to make sure they have enough reserves and smart grids to balance them

Leading international and local experts took part in this conference to make presentations in related fields and to facilitate a forum to exchange knowledge and ideas among participants.
The following topics were covered in the conference.
• Integration of Renewable Energy into the National Electricity Grid, The Technical Challenges and Solutions.
• Wind Power Integration, International Experience on Mitigation of Technical & Economic challenges.
• The Role of Solar Power in Future Power generation options- The success story of Solar Deployment in India
• How Smart Grid can Facilitate Integration of Renewable Energy.
• Renewable Energy Integration , A Distribution Utility perspective.
• The Integration of Renewable Based generation in to Sri Lankan Grid.