Technology is at the forefront of change. Technological innovations are driving progress. It is not easy to predict the future. But we can be certain that technology will continue to play a key role in shaping the world we live, play, and learn today, tomorrow and into the far future.
The Annual technical conference of the Institute of engineering Technology (IET) Sri Lanka Network is expected to be a place for collaborations among academia, researchers and practitioners to disseminate, exchange and share the knowledge and ideas to achieve greater human development capital. Definitely we urge everybody to take this opportunity to gain as much input to new knowledge as possible from fellow attendees and conference presenters. I hope the papers being presented at the conference will be able to on improve the techniques, methods and tools in order to develop a better world.
The world of tomorrow will look very different from our world today. The Aim of the conference, therefore, being Future Ready – Inspire, Connect, Transform, is especially relevant. How do we help our young to become ready for the future? The challenging task therefore for researchers is not only to share knowledge, do well in a future as well.
I would like to thank all our reviewers for their expert reviews which are invaluable to the Committee in making a fair decision on the acceptance/rejection of each paper. I would also like to thank all the session chairs for their great efforts in putting up high quality sessions
Also to extend my gratitude to those who have assisted us in organizing this conference, the organizers are very grateful to all who have contributed to the success of the conferences. We would also like to thank all authors, participants and volunteers for their hard work, generous contribution and their invaluable sharing of knowledge and experience.
Thanks also go to the dedication, diligence and commitments of the chairman and the members of the Technical conference Committee.
Thank you in advance for your active participation of the conference. I trust that you will find The Annual technical conference of the Institute of engineering Technology (IET) Sri Lanka Network is rewarding, enjoyable and memorable
Together, we can all contribute in preparing our young to become future-ready. On this note, I wish you an enriching conference.

Dr. (Eng.) Tharaka Mohotty

PhD, MSc, MLRHRM, PGDip (Eng),PGDip(LS),DIP(J),

IET Sri Lanka Network Chairman