Telecommunication workshop and recruitment

The workshop conducted by the IET (the institution of engineering and technology), Ruhuna chapter was held on 16th of November, 2016 at ELR (Electrical lecture room) 2.30 PM onwards. Guest lecture, Mr. Hudson and Mr. Jayathu participated to the event as resource persons and undergraduates of department of Electrical and Information engineering were the participators of the workshop.
Dr. R.P.S Chandrasena, Mr. Sadun Konara and Head Department of Electrical and Information engineering Dr. Keerthi Gunawickrama was also present. Dr. Keerthi Gunawickrama deliver the welcome speech.Mr.Hudson delivered the lecture on fiber optical technology and submarine optical fiber communication.

This workshop was very useful for improve the knowledge of the undergraduate students. Beside he share his experiences and encouraged participators towards self-learning. Also he encouraged the Ruhuna IET chapter student to do the more events through IET.After finishing the work shop Recruitment program start. Mr.Jayathu deliver his speech. In his speech, Mr. Jayathu share his experience as the founder IET president of IET Ruhuna chapter and as a council member of IET. Further he discussed about importance of IET. There Mr. Jayathu emphasize the benefits acquirable by joining IET which can contribute to the future carrier of undergraduates and also graduates. PATW organizing comity certificates handover to organizing comity. 7 new paid members were added in to the Ruhuna chapter when we finish the event


Annual Field Visit and Out-bound Training

Organized by the IET Young Professionals Chapter of Sri Lanka, 77 undergraduates from University of
Moratuwa, University of Peradeniya and University of Ruhuna got the opportunity to participate in this annual event. On the first day of the event, all the members got the opportunity to participate in a field visit to the Laxapana Hydro Power Station, located on the bank of Maskeliya oya downstream of the famous Laxapana Falls. LPS consists of two power stations, Old Laxapana Power station (3×9.6 MW + 2×12.5 MW) and New Laxapana Power Station (2×57.5 MW). LPS has the highest head among all major hydro power plants in Sri Lanka and also only major hydro power plant using Pelton type Turbines. Laxapana releases its water into Laxapana Pond which in turn feed Polpitiya (Samanala) Power Station.

The proceedings commenced at 11 am, on Saturday, the 17th of December 2016, with an interactive session conducted by an operation engineer while observing the important components of Laxapana Power Station. At this session problems regarding the power station and its operations were clarified by the IET members. In the evening of first day, all the members went to Kithulgala Rest House for the Out Bound Training Session. After having dinner all the members were gather together and did many interactive activities to get familiar with each other and build new connections among the members.
On the second day of the event,18th of December 2016, all the members went for White Water Rafting. Before members get into the boat, all the members were provided safety gears, modern rafts and a comprehensive safety briefing by the instructors. White Water Rafting was done in picturesque Kelani River, covering 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids.The distance covered is around 5km. It was a marvelous experience for all the members.The journey was filled with adventure, excitements and curiosity. It was a memorable experience for all who participated.
After White Water Rafting session and having the lunch, all the members went to Confidence jump and Stream Slides session. This session was done in Kataran-Oya which is having 7 extremely beautiful natural
pools. The trek to these natural rock pools and waterfalls of KataranOya was 1.5KM long. This session was
the most adventurous session in the event and it was a great session to build the courage, confidence and
caring among the members.
The event concluded providing both knowledge and entertainment while building the Leadership skills and strengthened the bonds among each one of the members by making it a memorable event for the life of all
the IET members who participated in the event