Events Plan for the Session 2019   Responsibility
31st January 2019 “Side-by-Side Navigation of Robotic Wheelchairs: Challenges and Future Directions” by Eng. Prof. Chandimal Jayawardena 34 participants Committee
28th February 2019 Telco Softwarization: What? Why? and How?by Eng. Anuradha Udunuwara 48 participants Committee
22th March 2019 Sri Lanka Strategic Roadmap on IoT Committee
29th March 2019 5G – Designing a Future Network, Opportunities and Challenges by Eng. Indika Walpitage 40 participants Committee
29th May 2019 Professional Registration with Engineering Council Sri Lanka 42 participants Committee
24th August 2019 Annual Technical Conference   Committee
9th October 2019 International Conference on Best Practises in Solid Waste Management   Committee
November 2019 Annual General Meeting 2020   Committee